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The Chinese negotiation of the 2022 national medical insurance drug catalog officially ended on January 8.

According to the person in charge of the Department of Health Insurance Administration, this year, Azvudine tablets, Paxlovid, lung detoxification granules,3 new covid-19 treatment drugs through the enterprise independent declaration, form review, expert evaluation and other procedures, participated in the negotiations. Among them, Azulfidine tablets, lung detoxification granules got successful negotiations, Paxlovid failed because of the high price.

The person in charge said that although Paxlovid failed to be included in the medical insurance catalog, but according to the recent National Health Insurance Bureau in conjunction with relevant departments jointly issued the "Notice on the implementation of the "Class B B tube" after optimizing the medical insurance policies related to the treatment costs of patients with new coronavirus infection" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") requirements, the All therapeutic drugs in the "Treatment Plan for New Coronavirus Infection (Trial Version 10)", including Paxlovid, Azvudine Tablets, Molnupiravir Capsules and Dispersing Cold and Dampness Granules, will be temporarily paid by medical insurance until March 31, 2023.

During this period, patients insured for covid-19 infections will be eligible for Medicare reimbursement policies for the use of these drugs. In addition, after the inclusion of Azvudine Tablets and Clear Lung Detox Granules into the National Health Insurance Drug List through this negotiation, the number of drugs for the treatment of fever, cough and other neo-coronary symptoms in the National Health Insurance Drug List has reached more than 600. At the same time, to meet the needs of patients with covid-19 infections in different regions, the local medical insurance departments have recently combined the operation of local medical insurance funds to temporarily include a number of drugs for symptomatic treatment of covid-19 into the scope of medical insurance payment in the region. In general, the medical insurance reimbursement for the new coronavirus infection treatment drugs has rich variety.

The person in charge also said that the National Health Insurance Office recently issued the "covid-19 treatment drug price formation guidelines (for trial implementation)", the prevention and treatment of new coronavirus infection required for the new listed antiviral treatment drugs should take full-cycle and multi-level measures to guide enterprises to open and transparent and reasonable pricing.

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