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Hide and Seek


Last Friday, A Charity event for Autism was organized. The event was sponsored by Guangdong Thank You Charity Foundation and the New Drug Founders Club (NDFC) together, named “New Drug Star Alliance, Light Up the Starry Sky" . Dr. Yan Song, the minister of NDFC, as one of the initiators of the event, invited 25 Founders and management of biotech companies to participant and meet with the autism families. Knowing better about the disease is indeed part of the job for biotech to go further and scientific industry is working hard for in-met medical needs.

In China, there are more than 10 million people with autism, including more than 3 million children aged 0 to 14. This event, starting from NDFC, hope to influence more people and raise their attention to autism. During the event, several paints and articles were purchased by companies and founders and more loves will be delivered.

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